The problem:

The client was managing everything manually. But after some time they wanted to take their business online for their users. And that’s why they wanted to create a plugin that caters to all their needs.


The solution:

We have created a WordPress plugin using WooCommerce that meets all the requirements of our clients and makes their work easier.


The features given by us

Our custom plugin has given food dish selection options to customers. by using that feature customers can choose a food dish as per their requirements.

We provide a weekly subscription option with an automatic payment facility in the payment gateway.

Customers can also skip meals on the same day or for a specific duration before the cut-off time.

Customers can choose pickup or home delivery options as per their choice.


The Result:

Our customers have been using this plugin for the past 4+ years. And have 2k+ subscribers. The client has saved 150+ people’s valuable time by not managing the business manually.