The problem:

The client wants to allow custom selection options for the particular product to address the issues faced by the customers. So the client wants to create a custom selection option using the WordPress plugin to solve the problem.


The solution:

We have created a custom WordPress plugin using WooCommerce as per our client’s requirement. In that plugin, we provide all kinds of features which fulfill our customer’s needs. We also allow the dynamic price calculation feature for admin.


The features given by us

  1.  Various addon option types:
    We allowed admin to set product addon as product level. We were allowed to set a text box, number box, dropdown, radio and checkboxes. Additionally we were also allowed to add a range slider for dimensions. 
  2. Custom Calculation Formula:
    This solution also has the option to calculate additional prices based on various aspects. Ie. Fix or Percentage price of basic cost OR option cost. We were also allowed to add custom formulas. There is also an option to include and exclude add-on price from tax calculation.
  3. Dependency 
    Admin can set option dependencies. Ie Some options only visible when customer select particular options,
  4. Option Image
    We also allied admin to set additional images for particular options. These images were only visible when customers selected that option. 
  5. Real time price calculation 
    This plugin will calculate additional cost real time. When custom selected any option, additional cost and total cost will be updated real time.
  6. Woocommerce integration
    This solution is fully integrated with woocommerce. So all selected options will be displayed in the admin order details page and also included in order emails.


The Result:

Our clients have been using this plugin since the last two years and their customers are also ordering items as per their requirements using this plugin with accurate pricing in real time.