The problem:

Since the client has operations in multiple countries, he wants a different site for each country. that can be accessed globally by super admins and particular site modify features for site admin.


The solution:

To fulfill our client’s needs we have provided a solution with a special WordPress feature called Multisite. Where he can manage multiple websites quickly and easily from a single WordPress dashboard.

We provided modifying options for the site to both admins. Super admin can access and modify all websites globally. While a site admin can only edit a specific site.

We also implemented a Geolocation redirect on this site. With this Geolocation redirect feature users will be auto redirected to their country site.

We have built different themes and content for all different countries.

We have given rights to the admin users of each country to make any changes to their country’s website at any time.


The Result:

Our client has been using this site for over 2 years. He is satisfied with this solution and uses it happily. Super admins of every country are accessing this site without any hesitation.