The problem:

Clients want to build a website that handles all types of events and provides services.


The solution:

We have built a core PHP website that provides all the necessary features that meet the client’s needs. 

We provide a list of event categories that show what types of events there are such as music, fashion, sports, technology, business, etc.


We have provided many features as mentioned below which fulfill all the needs of the client.

Custom Layout:  We have provided a custom ticket layout feature for the admin where the admin can create a ticket layout for any event and update and use it whenever he/she wants.

We have provided ticket inventory options in two categories.

  1. Seat Selection: This feature will be used when the event is related to the seating arrangement like movies, drama, standup comedy, sports, and so on.
  2. No seat selection: This feature will be used when the event is related to outdoor open areas like garba, live concerts, and so on.



Supports Multi Days events: Admin can create any type of event they want to create. such as single-day events or multi-day events. And they can designate any type of ticket like gold, silver, or platinum.

Discounts: We have provided an early bird discount offer facility where the admin can set the date, time, and ticket inventory. With Restriction, a user can select only 10 tickets at a time.

Ticket Verifications: When users book a ticket they get a QR code in the ticket. and when they reach the venue they scan that QR code, if the QR code is valid it will give permission otherwise it will be denied. And users can use that QR code once. With this admin will have reports of attendees. 


The Result:

Our customers have been using this website for more than 1 year. And they are very happy with our work and use it enthusiastically without any hesitation.