The problem:

A finance company wanted to offer different types of business loan packages. They wanted to create a website and check whether the user was eligible for a business loan or not as per their criteria. The client wanted a dynamic criteria-checking facility for disbursing business loans.


The solution:

To meet the needs of our clients, we have provided solutions by creating PHP website features as per their requirements.

We have provided a dynamic criteria-checking facility. By filling out that form users can check their eligibility and whether they are eligible for a business loan or not.

We have provided dynamic updating features to the admin so that he/she can set the offers and criteria per their needs.

By selecting the criteria the first user will be dynamically checked whether he is eligible for the loan or not. If the user is eligible then he/she will be pushed to the next step otherwise automatically rejected.

If the user fulfills all the required criteria as per the terms and conditions, then the user is allowed to the next step.

Users can check their eligibility within a minute by applying online.


The Result:

Our client has been using this site for over 15 months. They have received 5000+ applications and are satisfied with this solution and are happily using it.