The problem:

A client seeks to develop a website providing a wide array of both medical and non-medical services in a digital format.

The solution:

We have built a PHP website that provides all the required areas and services for our clients and their users.

This website contains two types of categories as mentioned below:

  1. Service provider
  2. Customer 

Users can book any type of service they want using this website. Like medical services, non-medical services, and so on.

We provided a wide variety of service categories. Like medical equipment, therapy, food, family caretaker, finance, non-medical home care, education, transportation, etc.

We allowed admins to create dynamic forms for all specified categories as per their requirements.

Any type of service provider can become a member of this site by logging in as a service provider. 

Users can choose the service category that they need and which meets all their needs.

We provide chat functionality for users and service providers. 

Users can interact with specific service providers regarding their service and discuss their issues using our chat functionality.

Also, we have embedded Android and iOS apps for this website.


The outcome:

Our clients have been using this website and app for over 3 years. They are highly satisfied with our service and solutions. Our solution makes their work more efficient, easier, and meaningful. It helped a lot in the growth of their business. They are using this site and application without facing any crises.