The trouble:-

The client wanted to create an e-commerce website for electronic items and accessories, which meets all the needs of the users and provides all the features they need.


The solution:-

We have created an e-commerce website that meets all the requirements of our customers. We have created a website using WordPress and WooCommerce with various features.


The features provided by us:

  • Catalog design:This feature provides all the product guidance, including images, videos, colors, prices, descriptions, etc.
  • Product comparison:It provides a comparison between similar products and lists all similar product information that matches the searched items.
  • Referral and rewards:This feature is very useful in any website that provides referral codes to other customers and also gives rewards that benefit the user.
  • Credit card payments:Using this facility users can make digital payments using credit cards or QRcode as per their choice.
  • Real-time shipping calculation and tracking:It calculates shipping costs based on the customer’s location and real-time tracking allows customers to see exactly where their shipment is and when it will arrive.
  • Review:After receiving the product, customers can give their feedback.


The outcome:

Our clients have been utilizing our website for over five years and express high satisfaction with both our solutions and services. Our platform has significantly simplified their work processes, and they continue to use it confidently and without hesitation.