What Is GraphQL :

GraphQL is a type of query language and server-side runtime technology widely used for application programming interfaces (APIs). which ensures that the client gets the required data. Nothing less nothing more. It was developed by Facebook in 2012 before being publicly released in 2015. It is an open source data query and manipulation language for APIs.


Why GraphQL for APIS development?

  • GraphQL is precise, accurate, and efficient. Just send a GraphQL query to your API and get the exact result that you need. The results of GraphQL are always predictable.
  • Applications using GraphQL are fast and stable because they fetch the data for required fields only,
  • By using GraphQL, you can fetch all the required data for your application from a single request.
  • GraphQL is best suited for microservices and complex systems because of using a simple query.
  • GraphQL queries are simple for understanding and it’s human-readable.
  • GraphQL provides rich and powerful developer tools for testing queries and documentation.
  • GraphQL will do all the hard work in the background on the server, including traversing multiple server resources if required, to fetch the data that is needed and return it to the app in the form it was requested.


Merits and DeMerits of GraphQL?

Merits of GraphQL:

  • GraphQL is way faster than other communication APIs.
  • We can integrate multiple systems behind GraphQL’s API. and it’s best for complex systems and microservices.
  • The main advantage of GraphQL over REST is that REST responses contain too much data or sometimes not enough data. GraphQL solves this problem by fetching only the exact and specific data in a single request.
  • When we request GraphQL queries to the server, the server returns the response in a simple, secure, and predictable shape.
  • GraphQL fields used in multiple queries can be shared at a higher component level for reuse.
  • GraphQL gives error messages in detail so developers can easily understand the error and resolve it quickly.

Demerits of GraphQL:

  • Sometimes GraphQL may create a performance issue with complex queries.
  • GraphQL is the right and better solution for multiple microservices but in the case of small app REST architecture is better.
  • The file uploading feature is not available in GraphQL. In that case, REST provides you file uploading feature thee you can post or put whatever content you want.



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