What is Laravel?

Laravel is a free and open-source PHP framework. Laravel is robust and easy to understand for everyone. It offers all the features needed to build modern web applications, as it helps developers build projects quickly and easily. It provides automated testing which is an integral part of Laravel.


Why Laravel is popular?

  • It reduces development time and helps with high Coding efficiency.
  • If compared to other frameworks, Laravel can easily handle everything from single database management to innovative HTML generation.
  • Laravel is a highly expressive complete PHP framework with elegant syntax, so it is most preferred by developers.
  • Authentication is one of the most important factors in web applications and developers spend a lot of time writing authentication code.
  • Laravel has an inbuilt authentication system, you only need to configure models, views, and controllers to make the application work.
  • Laravel provides an innovative template engine that allows developers to create dynamic websites.
  • Laravel offers a wide range of libraries, tools, and templates.


Positive and negative consequences of Laravel.

Positive consequences :

  • Data migration is much easier and more manageable if you use Laravel.
  • Laravel is always compatible with the latest features of PHP. This is something that other frameworks lack.
  • The Laravel framework has a built-in mechanism for handling exceptions and resolving configuration errors.
  • The software has a secure, built-in access control system. Also, it provides a robust mechanism that lets you handle any errors or issues with ease.
  • Project size varies. Highly scalable software allows you to tackle projects of any size depending on your needs.

Negative consequences :

  • When compared to other frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Django, Laravel has limited inbuilt support due to its lightweight.
  • Laravel isn’t ideal for creating mobile applications.
  • There has been a slight lack of seamless transitions between different versions of Laravel, such as Laravel 4 to 5.



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