What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is an important building block of modern websites and applications. JavaScript is a powerful object oriented language that creates great user’s experience. In earlier days JavaScript could only be used on the client-side. But these days we can also use JavaScript as a backend by using Node.js framework.JavaScript is a well-known technology these days for both front-end and backend. We can create interactive web pages and web applications using it. And so many popular websites and web applications are migrating them to JavaScript itself.These days JavaScript is useful for everything from one-page websites to mobile app development.


Why JavaScript For Web & App Development?

  • Because it provides us JavaScript framework and libraries to build highly functional web and mobile applications.
  • By using JavaScript along with HTML and CSS, we can give a good look and feel to a website.
  • JavaScript is a high-level and structure based programming language that improves the clarity, quality, and development time of computer languages.
  • JavaScript is easy to run and implement as compared to other languages.
  • There are many different types of frameworks for developing web and mobile apps in JavaScript including React JS, next JS, and AngularJS.   
  • This allows you to load content without worrying about browser capability.
  • Node.JS developers can develop server side applications.Using the runtime environment of JavaScript.


Pros and cons of  Java Script:


  • JavaScript is easy to understand and learn. The structure is simple for the users as well as for the developers.
  • All modern browsers support JavaScript, so it is used almost everywhere these days.
  • JavaScript is capable of running code on the client-side and hence it reduces the server side load.
  • Both front-end and back-end web development can now be accomplished entirely in JavaScript.
  • JavaScript can be used to create many types of components that enhance the user interface and experience of a website and an application.


  • Developers should be careful not to expose sensitive information or debug code on paper as JavaScript code is viewable to the user and sometimes it can be harmful to the website.
  • Before publishing websites or application code should be tested on different types of browsers.
  • JavaScript supports only single inheritance and not multiple inheritance.
  • A single line code error can block the rendering server of the entire JavaScript code on a website.



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